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Hi !

  To All nice people and fetish lover out there in the world ( I Azzara)  present to you:   
A small story behind my website www.queenazzara.com and how it all started!

I was talking to a photographer I know, back in 2010 who thought I would be
the right person for a fetish site, because he know that I love cool and erotic fetish.

This photographer and his associate sat with me for a few hours and we talked about everything
connected tofetish and soft erotic websites.It felt right away like "this is the real deal".
No small talk, no fancy " we gonna own the world" talk, just a lot of down to earth talk.
And it felt real. So I said - YES, I wanna be a part of thi
So in short, that day we created the basic stuff for queenazzara.com.   
After that we sat down a few times thinking about what kind of fetish would be nice to have.
A lot of websites have so called fetish but it is more regular hardcore, than fetish.
If you know what I mean. That´s not my idea of a cool website, to pretend it´s fetish and then see all the same Russian girls with two dicks in ass smiling as if it was
a fashion shoot. That´s not fetish, at least not in my world.

But we came up with lot of new and cool ideas that we thought would be like,
- Whooaaaa!!This is so cool!
We did some test shooting and had a target group with people who was like guinea pigs.
And they liked almost all stuff.

So after that we thought about starting the whole project, queenazzara.com
The main problem then, wasn´t were to shoot all productions, or how to shoot all productions.
Not even all technique we had to have. That´s was no problem. Studios and technique was ready.
The main issue here was, believe it or not, to find models.
People in other contries may think, ohhhhh! Sweden! Easy, piece of cake, girls in every
corner who wanna work as models.Sorry! Nothing could be more wrong. To find models in Sweden is a hard task. A lot of modell wannabes wanna be models but when it comes to reality, and they realize this is for real, then it´s like, Ohh, shit!
An of course if you have a large website, wanna write real contracts and ask
for their ID, then some problems starts.
But of course I found som ecool models and more will come. The whole idea with this website QueenAzzara.com is to give f´different fetish. Stuff that I like and
i think is hot and sexy adn erotic. I love to show high heels, pantyhose, leather and also a lot of femdom stuff. Fetish is what you want fetish to be. Do you like sexy feets. Maybe you like gas masks, that´s also a fetish. And I will tru here to give different styles of fetish experience. I takes time to build a real cool website. But I think with help of a lot of members I will succeed to do that.

And don´t forget. Main QueenAzzara website is FREE of Charge.
That means really 100 % free membership

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